LaToya is a proud native of the revolutionary Oakland, California. Growing up in Oakland, life wasted no time to steer her to purpose: to nurture and advocate for the mental and spiritual well being of the statistically silenced and misunderstood in her communities, race, and gender.

Her characteristics of a leader were identified and developed early, but so was her love for the richness of her race. She found this to be true spending summers in Mississippi: eating yellow meat watermelons with her Grandma, hosting talent shows and catching lightning bugs with all of her cousins, fish frys, shelling Butter Beans and Snap Peas, and slumber parties at Big Mama’s.

Grad school, missions interest, and the pursuit of self-development led LaToya to Petit Goave, Haiti in 2013, where she encountered a holistic awakening! For the first time, ever, she ONLY saw people who reflected her skin tone. “Black women, Black girls, light skin, dark skin, Brown, curly hair, coily hair, short hair, no hair, leathered skin, doctors, lawyers, impoverished, entrepreneurs, child-bearing, hunters, gatherers, teachers, students, artists…‘”SHE’ WAS EVERYWHERE AND SHE LOOKED JUST LIKE ME!… ‘SHE’ WAS DOPE!”, and simply needs a platform was LaToya’s take way.  In response to this deficit in her own communities, she returned home, and launched COVEREDGIRL, with the objective to birth REAL BEAUTY through education, self-awareness, and community development…and the REST IS HISTORY THE FUTURE!

Courtnee hails from Belle Glade, Florida where the saying goes, “Her soil is her fortune”. At an early age, this easily became her mindset as she cultivated inspiration into the lives of her little sister and other black women and girls,in her community. She was as an exemplary student, mentor, local NAACP chapter volunteer, and a community advocate, determined to uphold the integrity and culture of her homeland. This was the least she could do, she reports, as she will forever pride family and community life on the Muck, (as Belle Glade is affectionately referred to) which included barefoot runs in the backyard, eating Cookies n’ Cream ice cream for breakfast with her grandmother, helping her mom cook pork chops smothered in gravy, playing with tadpoles, impatiently waiting for the mangos to fall off the tree with her cousins, and eating sugar cane on the back porch.

Courtnee joined COVEREDGIRL five years ago and is the proud co-facilitator of its inaugural life group, My Sisters’ Keeper of Gainesville, Florida. She brings ample organizational and operational skills as a former business manager for over ten years, and event coordinator.

As a first-generation college student, Courtnee is an especially proud alumni of the University of Florida. She is a proud wife and mother and can be found spending any “me” time, couponing and letting her creative juices flow Through DIY projects.

Aisha is a resilient visionary, with a passion for helping others.  In the role of Chief Financial Officer, she provides timely and accurate financial statements, ongoing cash flow projections, oversight over accounting and finance operations, as well as design and maintenance of the financial reporting structures. In addition to her accounting and finance oversight responsibilities, Aisha offers internal control and strategic advice to management. She assists with the identification of key risks and design of mitigating controls, documentation of principle procedures and performing pre-audit testing to evaluate existing compliance.

Aisha possesses a wealth of experience in financial management and controls consulting, including analysis, forecasting, budgeting, operations, contract and database management, and internal control systems.  Her success as a consultant is built on a foundation of considerable leadership and management experience obtained while serving in the U.S. Army. As an Army Sergeant, she held a wide array of leadership positions in the training and operations field. She also worked at the Department of Veteran Affairs in budget analysis and contract management.